Gurukul Darshan NLIU Bhopal

In this story of Gurukul Darshan we bring you the story of National Law Institute University,Bhopal or NLIU, Bhopal In this story Pranav Pareek – A 2nd year B.A LL.B student at NLIU, Bhopal takes us through the journey with the help of Shubham Saxena from Gurukul India.

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So here is the Gurukul Darshan – NLIU Bhopal:

gurukul darshan nliu bhopal

National Law Institute University (NLIU) is a law school and centre for research located in Bhopal, India. Established in 1997 by the State of Madhya Pradesh, it is one of the first three law schools to have been established under the National Law School or NLU system.Since its establishment, NLIU has consistently been rated among the three best law schools in India. The university launched its first academic programme in 1998, with Indian jurist V.S. Rekhi as the Director. Recognized by the Bar Council of India, the university admits 100 undergraduates each year through the Common Law Admission Test or CLAT.

Pranav Pareek is currently pursuing B.A LLB from NLIU Bhopal and is in his 2nd year at present.


Shubham: What makes NLIU Bhopal among the top NLU’s?

Pranav: The quality what makes NLIU a premier law college is the senior-junior relationship which is unique in itself. The placements statistics, the mooting achievements and moreover the number of cells covering various aspects of law are something that one does not find in any other college. Despite having a hectic trimester system with levels of examination students are busy throughout the year managing these different activities.


Shubham: How do you spend time when you’re neither studying nor attending classes?

Pranav: As I have previously stated that there are ample of activities going throughout the year so I am always busy with something or the other. NLIU Bhopal as everyone knows organizes the most number of extra-curricular activities which includes 3 Moot Court Competitions,1 International Mediation Tournament, MUNs, Seminars, Tri-legal Paper Presentations, Cultural Programmes, Annual Sports Fest, Guest Lectures and the list goes on so this is something that our students community manages despite the trimester system.

NLIU Library

Shubham: Now that you have juniors too, tell us how you’ve treated them!

Pranav: In the start as always happens juniors were very wary in interacting but as time passed by a relation similar to what I share with my seniors developed. I helped them in any matter they wished ranging from studies, notes, moot courts to making them aware of the various activities of the college and helping them in choosing which all cells to join.

Shubham: Tell us about any major event in NLIU-Bhopal.

Pranav: The best event according to me is the farewell parties not the one authorized by college but the ones the fifth years give you which includes pool side parties, famously known as Bhasads. Moreover these parties are ample in number which gives you a full month to enjoy.


Shubham: How have you find Law as a subject till now?

Pranav: Law has always fascinated me as I seek a career in litigation. Moreover it is a subject that opens such a broad horizon for future pursuits which any other field doesn’t give you.


Shubham: Give one word answers:


  1. Campus: Happening

  2. Seniors: Extended family

  3. Most happening place in the college: Gazibo

  4. A word for teachers: Thank You for being in NLIU

  5. Moot courts: Open Lawctopus to see achievements.

NLIU Sports

Shubham: Finally sum up your experience in NLIU-Bhopal as brief as you can.

Pranav: NLIU for me is place not merely for a graduation degree rather a place where I have started developing as a person. The 1 year that passed by brought a transformation in my perspective and thinking. Furthermore the student culture here is something that exposes you to the real world. Also the opportunities one gets here to travel domestic and abroad are in themselves a whole new experience which is confined within the walls of the mecca of legal knowledge i.e. NLIU Bhopal.

About the Author
Shubham Saxena
Shubham is currently pursuing BA Honors in Economics from St. Xavier's College, Jaipur, he has a keen interest in journalism, debating and public speaking. At Gurukul India he works as a web editor and gives his contribution in stories and news for various education domains.

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